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En Tarín encontrarás las mejores marcas de Maletas, Bolsos, Mochilas y Artículos de Piel, Productos Especiales. Servicio de reparación de maletas.

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We repair your suitcase

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We find the solution that best suits your company or project, searching among the products of the main brands for the most suitable one and personalizing it with a corporate logo.

Sponsorship in Tarín

Through the Sponsorship in Tarín initiative we want to help make visible women artists, producers of something special that inspires us. To do this, we temporarily and totally altruistically give up both our physical and digital spaces. It is a pioneering experience that we hope will have many editions.

His training is divided between Chile and Mexico and since 2002 he has lived and worked in Madrid. He has participated in more than 40 solo and group exhibitions in Santiago, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Berlin and New York, among other cities. 

"Drawing is for me another way of travelling, both depend on individual perception and both actions join infinite points that leave a historical trace on a surface drawing our passage through life. Each journey opens the door to the next expedition, to a new creation".

Baggage repair service for airlines

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