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How to pack a suitcase

At Tarín Suitcases we are experts in luggage and that is why we want to make some recommendations and give you some travel tips. We will start by packing the suitcase in the most efficient and practical way.

Always remember to take the essentials on your trips, this will make your transfer more comfortable and you will avoid unnecessary packages. Think about how to combine few clothes with each other in different ways and you will get many "looks" with little bulk.

When you start to organize your luggage, take a few seconds and think about how packing a suitcase well can help make your trip much better. Think about how all its holes must be filled without leaving air in order to fit as many things as possible in the space of your suitcase The spaces between the trolley bars are usually perfect for putting underwear and socks, as well as some underwear or cotton shirts (better rolled up). You can also put a belt and your shoes individually.

Follow the elements that do not wrinkle and those that weigh the most, shoes, toiletry bag, on the side of the wheels, whether it is a trolley suitcase or a spinner suitcase, so you will prevent the rest of the clothes from wrinkling when you put your suitcase in an upright position. .

Place the pants flat and on them the clothes that wrinkle the least. Then fold the pants to prevent the fold mark from forming.

Finish your suitcase with the most delicate things or those that bear less wrinkles. If the fastening of your suitcase is with cross rubber bands, we recommend that you finish the suitcase with an extended T-shirt so that delicate clothing does not show. These are the travel tips for Tarín Suitcases.

Care for your suitcase

Taking care of your suitcase every time you travel extends its life and avoids having a damaged and dull suitcase.

If you have a suitcase with a fabric lining, you can turn the suitcase upside down to remove the larger pieces of debris and then vacuum it thoroughly to remove the sand and other particles that are often left behind, especially if you've been to the beach. There are now suitcases with a removable lining that can be washed in the washing machine. If your suitcase is not lined, you can vacuum it and then wipe it dry with a damp cloth. Never close your suitcase if it is not completely dry.

You can introduce an air freshener for clothes in the form of bags of dried flowers or spray it with an anti-odour product.

For the outside, the method is similar: dust with a dry cloth, then wipe with a damp cloth and neutral soap. Rinse with another damp cloth without soaking the suitcase. Let it dry thoroughly before proceeding with the final step.

Another tip is to always store your suitcase in a case, this is an important step when storing your suitcase for long periods of time.

As for the wheels of your suitcase, don't forget to clean the axles and in some cases apply a lubricant. Attention! If your suitcase has four wheels, avoid using only the two rear wheels, as they will wear unevenly.

Remember that in Tarín we have our own workshop in case you have to change any part of your suitcase or you have a problem.

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Tips for caring for your leather bag

Whether you've bought a branded bag, a fashion bag or just a bag you love, you don't want it to look old and broken in 2 days. Here are some tips on how to take care of it and keep it looking as good as new.

Avoid direct sunlight so that the colour does not suffer variations that can spoil it.

If it has a stain, clean it gently with a damp cloth and neutral soap, but be careful and try it first in a place where it is not visible. Moisturise it with a special leather cream every time you put it away.

Another tip is to stuff it with paper when you are going to store it for long periods of time and do not pile it up. Use a cloth bag to protect it even more, you will find it as good as new when you use it again and you will extend its useful life for a long time.

Airport security

Within our travel advice section, we have not wanted to forget about security and the much-feared theft.

If you have valuables in your suitcase, wrap them inside your clothes (in socks, shoes, wrapped in a T-shirt). Remember the suitcases that go with you, both in number and in shape and color.

Identify your suitcase with your personal data on a label in case of loss.

If you have a neutral-colored suitcase, place an element that characterizes it and helps you locate it easily from a certain distance. It will be useful for you to pick it up from the tape and so that it does not move away from you.

Never leave the suitcase alone.

Close your suitcase safely, either with your combination lock if you have one or with a padlock that prevents it from being opened easily.

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